About Beel Decoratie

For some years now, enhancing our surroundings has been a trend in our society. Decorating, refurbishing and painting our homes have taken on a new meaning, and are quite different from traditional ‘painting’.

Technical expertise, coupled with a knowledge of materials, artistic creativity and a love for the job are the ingredients of contemporary painting.

With our team of 45 professional and well-trained craftsmen, we try to stand out from our colleagues on a daily basis. Old and forgotten techniques are closely copied. For us the search for appropriate pigments, natural soaps, patination, colours and textures are the order of the day. All our staff consequently undergo continuing professional training to keep the company right at the top.

Our Background


Noël Beel set up the painting company BEEL Decoratie in 1974.

THE 1970'S AND 1980

During the 1970s and 1980 the majority of its work lay in painting industrial buildings and the completion of institutional premises, such as monasteries, hospitals and government buildings.


Since 1994 the youngest son Wouter Beel has been involved in the family business. The company grew fast and over the years it developed into a business specialising in the decoration and finishing of private homes.


In 2009 Noël handed over the general management of the business to his son Wouter.

Our approach

We have a good mix of young and experienced older painters who work in permanent teams. The aim is that every member of these teams can and may carry out all kinds of works. Young or new employees must therefore not be kept working on preparatory tasks or the less enjoyable works. We train them internally and we recognise where their special skills or interests lie at once. If someone is more creatively inclined, then we set them to traditional paintwork, where their creativity offers added value. Perfectionists are engaged in finishing works for sleek interiors.
Every team is led by a permanent foreman.

Every day we are active on some 12 to 16 sites. When we start the works, we run through the ‘to do list’ with the foreman. We discuss the colour list and the planning, and we draw up a description of the finishing methods. At the starts of the works we also visit the site so as to discuss what must be done with the team. To prevent any problems, the site is visited every two days by Wouter or Thomas, together with the architect, the interior designer or the customer. This keeps the communication channels open so that any problems can be resolved at once.